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Add Tanking on Emalon

I have finally conquered one of my offtank fears – add tanking on Emalon.

I am a very cautious tank. I hate making mistakes. I’d rather do a job I know I can do than try a new job, especially if I’m with my guild and I don’t want to let them down. I tried to tank the Emalon adds once very early in my raid tanking career and screwed it up royally – so I insisted on tanking the boss from then on out.

Tanking Emalon is an easy job. You just drag him over to the side and hold aggro until he dies. Anyone with half a brain can do it. Tanking the adds though means you have to taunt a new one when it pops up. OK fine! It’s not that hard! I don’t know why I was worried. I think because I just sucked at it the first time I tried. I pretty much killed them doing my whole rotation and they all started spawning again and I lost control.

Conquered this fear the other day in 10 man VOA with an out-of-guild group. In fact, it could have been a huge mess, since the main tank made the mistake of charging in first instead of letting me go in first. I pulled the adds off him though, and held them for the fight.

And…… turns out, it’s really easy. Why was I worried about this? The trick is not to hit the damn things at all. A consecrate here and there will hold them just fine. Taunting one new add every now and then is easy.

A sign of how much more comfortable I feel in my tanking role these days. Now I think I will insist on doing Emalon adds because… they’re less boring. :)


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