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Disappointing Proc Rate on the Ashen Verdict Tank Ring

My beloved ring … and no, I’m not exalted yet, I haven’t farmed that much rep!

I guess I expected too much out of my Ashen Band of Unmatched Courage ring proc. Now that I’ve got the revered version, the proc rate seems to be a lot lower than I expected.

After seeing @Protadin talk about his ring on twitter, I took a look at my own combat logs to see how often mine (and my MT’s) was proccing. Appeared to be much lower than I expected; every 1-3 minutes depending on how much I was being hit by things. Hmm.

Luckily there are people at Maintankadin and Tankspot who have looked into this before and done more extensive testing than my unofficial “search my combat logs and make assumptions based on encounters” approach. The ring appears to have a 2 or 3% proc rate with a 60 second ICD.

From a Maintankadin thread:

Definitely a 60-second ICD with an average time to proc of 0.08 minutes or 4.55 seconds when I had an average of 6.6 hits incoming per second. (21,705 hits over 55 minutes) … at a glance, it looks to me like the 3% proc rate listed on Wowhead is accurate.

Bonus links to a Tankspot thread where it is discussed, and another Tankspot thread.

I guess I set my expectations too high. I remember taking a look at the ring and drooling over the armor proc, imagining having a mini version of The Black Heart in a ring slot. Remember how often that baby used to proc? Back in the day? I loved that trinket.

But honestly, thinking about the ring as a whole, there’s really no reason to be disappointed. The ring has great stats (hit!! HIT!!!!), and with my raid’s less than speedy ICC 25 progression, my gear is not getting upgraded as quickly as I’d like. It was really fantastic to have fairly quick access to a nice ring like this from rep. The proc is really just the icing on the cake; even without it, I’d be happily wearing it. I don’t have access to enough gear to be really picky.

It’s just useful to be aware of how low the proc rate is so I know what to expect.


Putricide: Riding the Abomination!

The Professor Putricide encounter is another one of those boss fights that makes me really love my job as off-tank.

I’m sure there’s a wealth of information out there on Abomination Riding techniques, but I thought I’d make some notes for the benefit of other off-tanks looking for more information.

Before The Fight

Watch the Tankspot video on Abomination Control. It’s always invaluable to see someone else do what you’ll be doing, and with limited attempts in place, you’ll want to see someone else do your job before you have to hop in and do it.

At the start of the fight, run over to Putricide’s table, click it, and run back to the raid – don’t be alarmed that you don’t transform immediately. You get a debuff that ticks down for a few seconds before you turn into an Abomination.

Slime Pools

As the abomination, your job is to sit in the slime pools that Putricide tosses out, 2 at a time, and drink them up. Your 1 key finger might ache at the end of 10 tries. I was spamming that key so hard, and mine sure did.

You want to drink each pool up until it is gone. This SHOULD give you enough Slime Power to use your Regurgitated Ooze ability when you need it, but you can drink the second pool slowly if you want to stock up a bit on Slime Power. You need to always have 50 slime power available for your next job.

Keep an eye on the whole room and make sure you know where both puddles are. Very rarely, two slime pools will spawn on top of each other and will act like one pool as you drink them up. This can leave you short on slime power if you’re not careful, so keep an eye out and drink with caution.

Unstable Experiments

Putricide casts Unstable Experiment regularly on a timer, spawning one of 2 types of adds which the whole raid will DPS down as fast as possible. Your job is to use your Regurgitated Ooze ability (the 2 key) to slow these adds. This ability takes 50 slime power (half your bar) and has a huge range.

Yes! You get to vomit on things! ENJOY IT! :D

Each add spawns, casts something, and then zooms across the room at a raid member. The timing of your slow is important– you don’t want to slow them too early and waste it, but more importantly, you don’t want to be late and let the add will zoom across the room. Definitely better to be early.

What worked best for me: add spawns, I immediately target it and watch its cast bar. I hit Regurgitated Ooze near the end of its cast.

I also found (on 10m) that even if I got cute with eating slime and stocked up on slime power, I really only had enough slime power to slow each add once. I hope one slow per add is all a raid should need. If I slowed twice, I screwed myself for the next add no matter how slowly I drank up slime.

Down Time

If you are on the ball about eating slime pools, you’ll probably have some down time after eating one set of slime pools and before the next set spawns.

You can use this time to lay some DPS on the adds or the boss. Go hit something, and spam your “3” attack (Mutated Slash). I generally DPSed adds if they were up because they really needed to go down fast.

The Abomination hits very hard. I was shocked to find, perusing the combat logs, that my Abom accounted for a large percentage of the DPS on each add. On 10m my Abomination was doing 7k with Mutated Slash and about 5k melee. I believe he does signifigantly more on 25m.

And That’s It!

Controlling the abom was a bit confusing for me at first but made perfect sense after several attempts.

Some notes. I believe a hotfix was implemented over the weekend that stopped slime pools from expanding during the phase transitions (when everyone is stunned for a while). Thank goodness – that was a huge pain the first time we saw this fight and led to slime pools so big they simply couldn’t be removed.

I also suspect that a hotfix was implemented that made the Unstable Experiments alternate regularly between green and orange – all the strats I read say that they spawn randomly after the first green one, but after 10 full attempts we noticed they were alternating perfectly. Perhaps this is unique to the 10man, perhaps there was a hotfix enabled.

Final Notes

I was really pleased in general with how interesting the whole Plagueworks wing has been – between tanks turning off RF to DPS, slime kiting, and Abomination riding, the second wing of ICC has been one of my favorite raid experiences in my admittedly small range of experiences in Wow.

Putricide is possibly the craziest one of all. Riding the Abomination is weird, fun, and a vitally important job! So enjoy it, off tanks, it’s our moment in the spotlight.

Casual or Hardcore?

My 10 man raid blew through ICC this week on Friday, one shotting everything with ease until Rotface and nabbing the [I’m On A Boat] achievement for shits & giggles. We learned the Rotface encounter fairly quickly – just a few wipes before the kill. Rotface was a tough encounter with some interesting mechanics, and everyone was feeling great about taking him down.

After having worked on Rotface, we were a bit tired for Putricide and didn’t get more than a few attempts in. Sunday’s raid was reserved for finishing off Ulduar (more Firefighter work), but we all wanted to hit Putricide again – so, we actually put a third 10 man raid on the calendar.

Including our three 25 man raids, that’s six raids in a week. I only realized this in retrospect.

Probably doesn’t sound like much to the hardcore raider, but thats pretty exhausting for me – who likes to think of myself as casual. It’s not really the hours – I spend that time playing wow anyways – it’s the stressing out, the leaving work early, the skipping dinner that really gets to me. Raiding at 7:30 pm is just really, really tough for me and the first 30 minutes of any raid usually consists of me taking a deep breath (and sometimes, eating dinner while I tank something).

There’s also a disconnect between the raids. I play in a 25 man guild and those raids are more important to the guild – but my 10 man raid is much more serious, much more successful, and honestly much more fun. I feel a great deal of responsibility to my 25 man raids – and hell, those are the harder raids! But my 10 man is more fun, more hardcore, more successful and basically a lot more important to me personally. So, I won’t drop any of them…

I should start being honest with myself. I haven’t been casual for a while… I get frustrated with my inexperience sometimes, and my work schedule makes being fully committed very difficult, but on the whole I am a pretty damn hardcore wow player in how I approach both my personal gameplay and my raiding schedule. I’m no progression raider (on 25…), but I am about as hardcore as I can be with the content I have access to.

So I should probably stop thinking of myself as new or casual… or complaining about my noobness. :)

Frustrated with my Ret DPS

Last night I came along to a guild 10m OS3d run – they were happy to bring me, since I already have the drake. :) I should have tanked it, but I actually requested to come along as DPS.

I had an ulterior motive. I wanted to test out my Ret DPS. I sometimes have to go ret for those increasingly rare 1 tank fights. My DPS set is full of nice gear from badges, ICC10, and TOGC10 and there is no excuse not to be pulling competitive DPS.

I was exceptionally disappointed to find that I was only pulling around 5k. That’s including flask, str food, 10m raid buffs, potion of speed, heroism… I expected better.

I don’t know if there’s much I can do better as far as gemming, enchanting, and rotation goes. I think some more of my noobness comes from plain inexperience with melee DPS.

Positioning: I am a little slow to position myself in the right place (behind the mob, in melee range) because damnit when I am tanking the mobs come to me. Getting behind mobs with the camera zoomed out & big nameplates is sometimes a challenge …

Adjusting FCFS: I use CLCRet with priorities set as the EJ thread says maximizes DPS for ret. But I don’t know how to adjust my “rotation” to account for multiple mobs vs single target fights, or whether I should. Does ret adjust? Should I be popping Consecration or DS at the beginning of a multiple-target fight? Or should I start with Judge -> CS -> DS -> Consecration as usual?

Appropriate cooldown use: I figured popping my trinkets, Avenging Wrath & my Potion of Speed when heroism goes off is the best way to maximize the DPS boost. Is this right? What order…?

Spec Adjustments: I’m sure my spec needs some looking at. I know prot specs inside and out, but I’m a little clueless about ret.

Gear Adjustments: I should probably bite the bullet and buy a Darkmoon Card: Greatness for my ret set. That expertise trinket really isn’t doing me any favors since I am so long on expertise. I wish my nice ICC10 weapon didn’t have arpen and expertise on it.


Any other suggestions? Recommendations for me? Spec adjustments from ret pallies? Good blog posts about how to melee DPS without being a noob?

I mean, 5k isn’t bad, but I have strong enough gear to theoretically raid as ret and 5k is not great from that perspective.

My New Prot Spec

I recently respecced and so far I am satisfied with the changes.

I took a deep breath and threw a point into Seal of Command. I also moved points into Vindication, which is apparently considered a necessary spec choice for Prot Pallies according to Maintankadin. This lost me 3 points in Conviction (because I absolutely refuse to give up Pursuit of Justice), so I was wondering if I would see any differences in my threat generation, but it seemed fine. I even slightly outthreat my MT sometimes when I am not careful… everything seems OK for now.

I think my spec is “right” now. I was feeling a bit strange about not being specced into Vindication, especially since my MT is not too.

As for Seal of Command… this one was just a fun choice for me. I was very curious about whether I could make room for it in my tanking spec, and I finally made the change and grabbed it. I keep reading in many places that SoComm is a very respectable spot for a talent point in any tanking spec. I’m excited to have this new tool at my disposal for trash, heroics, and adds, especially since I am the Add Tank/Offtank.

On a threat note, I picked up a Stormpike’s Cleaver no one wanted out of TOC25 the other day. According to Theck’s threat calculations (which I saw over on my favorite blog, Avenging Wrathy), this probably is the best threat weapon I have access to until my guild starts clearing more stuff. I was quite excited to have a new toy to play with on trash & in heroics!

The only problem with Seal of Command & threat weapon in raids on trash? Forgetting to move back to SoV and my usual tanking weapon when we hit a boss. Oh, I’m pretty sure I’ll forget at some point and feel like a gloriously noobish noob.

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