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10 man H TOC, in which I wipe the raid

I came along on our guild’s progression-focused 10 man and had a blast again.

We cleared 10 man TOC quickly again and turned to H TOC. I was excited to see H Jaraxxus again but twas not to be, since beasts gave us problems this week.

I blame the first wipe on me – I turned the wrong way when Icehowl was sprinting at the wall and he smacked into me. /facepalm … it’s actually easier to get out of his way when he’s running at you (I did that just fine) than when he’s running at someone juuuuust next to you. I fail. Definitely taking speed pots next time and checking VERY closely to see which side of me his target is on.

Wiped quickly the second time on worms when 4 people with the paralytic toxin came too close to me (I always have the burning bile) and got royally owned by his frontal cone. /range for the win…

I would really love to see us give H TOC a serious try- we have beasts pretty much down, silly mistakes aside, we one shot them last week- but we are pretty focused on Ulduar and hard modes right now. Well, H toc will come….


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