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The Fastest Way to ICC from Dalaran

Getting to Icecrown Citadel from Dalaran is a bit of a pain in the ass.

I mean, first of all, there’s no flight path, which sucks. I’ve been spoiled by recent raids – TOC and Ulduar both had paths!

Don’t give me any of this “Anafielle, you have a 310 speed mount and crusader aura – it doesn’t get much faster than that!” bullshit. Look. Pointing myself in the right direction and zoning out is still more irritating than paying some taxi driver to get me there while I go down into the kitchen and mix myself a pre raid martini.

And not only do you actually have to FLY there, but furthermore, Dalaran itself gets in your way. Since Krasus’ Landing is on the wrong side of the city from ICC, you can’t fly straight there – you have to avoid the huge No Fly Zone that is the city. Like many of my raiding cohorts, I often find myself playing the “let’s see how far I can fly in the debuff area before I fall off my mount and have to float down through half the zone at a snail’s pace!” game.

And don’t give me any of that “But at least you’re a pally! You can click off the debuff and bubble right before you hit the ground!” bullshit. Look. I have three buttons on my keyboard. One of them is taunt. The other is my entire 96969 macro’d to a single key. The third is bubble/hearth, but you can’t hearth while you’re falling. No reason to confuse myself with more buttons.


There is another way.

Credit goes to Boogelawoof, a good real life friend and badass shammy healer. He discovered this gem of a method to get to ICC.

Hey everyone. So I hate going to IC from Krasus’ Landing cause I’ve been demounted an floated for days half way across the map. As such, I’ve been toying with ways to get to IC from alternate starting points. Some people that tried it out said I should put it on the forum so here I am.

Go to the purple parlor and walk outside. You can mount up there and it’s a beeline to IC. in case you don’t know how to get there, you have to go through the portal in the violet citadel that is opposite of the caverns of time portal. So you go right instead of left after you go up the big stairs. That is all, you may all go back to your day now.


Look, I don’t care if this is not actually shorter than the traditional way. It’s probably just about the same length. However, it wins – absolutely wins – in terms of convenience. I’m alliance, so my hearth is right next door to the Violet Citadel. I’m always logged off in the Alliance Inn, the alliance-side bank, or the Jewelcrafting shop. Violet Citadel is practically closer than Krasus’ Landing.

Get there – zip through the portal – mount up – and fly in a straight shot to ICC!

Try it out. If you’re immensely lazy like me and dislike silly inconveniences like flying around a huge no-fly zone like Dalaran, you’ll love this new way to ICC.


Brand New Day Recruiting More for ICC25

Are you on Drenden? Looking for a new raiding guild? Well, I think you need to strongly consider joining my guild, Brand New Day!

Brand New Day is currently 7/12 ICC25 with the capability to get further. We are a casual guild on Drenden-US, Alliance Side, with a light raiding schedule – 7:30-11 PM EST Tuesday Wednesday Thursday, possibly moving down to 2 nights per week. There are two or three 10 mans that run on weekends. Most everyone in the guild is an altaholic, and there are always tons of people online!

We have a very committed core group of people. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to progress and see new bosses when we have 4 empty spots in the raid. We were 23 manning Rotface the other night- ugh! With a full raid, we would do well, but we need more people! New recruits capable of good DPS would quickly have a spot in the raid every week.

Reposted from my forums thread:

“But, Anafielle! I’m a DPS and no one wants DPS! I’m like the red headed step child of the recruiting world! I’m like Shakezula looking for a date for prom! No one wants me!!”
You’re in luck!! Pew pew pew is exactly what Brand New Day needs! If you can prove that you deserve those fat purps, get your ass in gear and apply.

We are looking for people who are interested in raiding casually, but with focus, and good DPS. If you beat my DPS on Festergut (6.4k) in your first raid, I will gem your first upgrade for you. Entirely! I will buy you gems!!! So get to it and kick my ass!

We raid with focus for a small quantity of time. Because of this, we are only looking for people who are interested in committing to all our raids. The upside of such low weekly commitment is this: if you raid with BND, you might be able to play wow and have a girlfriend, too! There’s life outside of wow? There is! I promise! The internet says so, so it must be true. And we still progress just fine with two days a week of raiding. Like what you’re always telling your girlfriend – it might be short, but it’s damn effective!

Does the recession have you down? Get talked into investing in a prime piece of real estate on the Tanaris coast? Lose everything in the Dalaran Sub Prime Morgage bust? BND is the solution you’ve been looking for! Perks of being a raider in Brand New Day include reduced prices on flask mats and guild bank supplies, and coverage of repair fees for raids for those who reach “raider” status!

The healer’s union finally caved to tank demands and heals are now free, with the exception of hunters and those who enjoy standing in fire. Our healers do still have a “No Heal” list, which is kept a closely guarded secret, except for the fact that Khergan is on it at least four times. In general, it is easy to keep yourself off it. Compliment them a lot. Repeat after me: “Oooh, Dornoch, what a big mana pool you have!” Make sure to slip them bribes all the time. “Oh, Tala, I heard you like flowers! So I have these Frost Lotuses …”

We take this game seriously. Like I said, we are all adults with little patience for kiddies – unless they are someone’s small child on vent providing vital post-raid commentary like “Anafielle is a smelly tank.” Occurances such as being demoted for insulting Honeyflake‘s choice of outfit or sweet pink drake are few and far between and happen at most several times a day. Cybering during raids is strongly discouraged, unless you are the raid leader, who is not only allowed to cyber but encouraged to do so. Our hunters are under strict instructions to stop MDing healers, except for Legolina, who is featured in an MD macro all hunters are required to learn upon entrance to the guild.
Like I said… we are mature!

BND features a large cast of wonderful, very different people from those who have just one main, to those with ten alts and several more across their childrens’ accounts! Being in BND can teach you about the world outside Azeroth, too. Why, just the other day I learned that Canada has real cities. I know, I know. I was shocked too. Next, you’ll be telling me they have electricity and running water. [*]

[*] Mocking Canada is strongly contraindicated for those seeking to join BND. Side effects include unexpected demotions, unfortunate officer notes, and /gkicks.

If you aren’t interested in raiding on our schedule.
If you are a new and totally ungeared 80.
If you are not committed to doing the best DPS you can do & learning how to do more
If you like standing in fire…
Please don’t apply.

If you want to join the most fun and excellent group of people on this server, and if you would be a quality addition to our ranks, then get ye to our guild website and put in an application right now!

Tanking Festergut is Fun!

I love the Plagueworks wing…. tanking in here is never boring!

Even Festergut requires some thought and cooldown management to tank correctly. I can’t pop wings on the pull; I want them later. I can’t blow LOH in a panic if heals are light; Forbearance will screw me later.

The DPS buff makes me capable of pumping out some truly ridiculous numbers, like 6.4k on our very first kill. I’m Halleigh in those logs, and I was first tank. The mechanics of the fight are such that the first tank does about 50% more dps than the second. What? Strength of Wrynn, you say? Shh… I want to think I’m badass, OK? :)

Anyways… here’s a little rundown of how I tank Festergut as a pally. I know Festergut hasn’t been progression for a while for most people, but my guild downed him for the first time last night, so he’s on my mind!

Tanking First

I tank first because my MT (also a pally) prefers to tank the first cooldown intensive portion of the fight himself. Since that happens to the second tank, he tanks second. In keeping with my new addiction to Armor Potions, I chug one on my way in. Unlike most of the time when I’m tanking a boss, I don’t pop wings on the way in – I save them for later.

Tanking Fester first is easy. I pop Divine Protection when Fester hits 2 stacks of Inhale, just to ease things for the healers. It’s not necessary, but why not? I know it’ll be back up when I need it later. Cooldowns are there to be used, and I’m working on using mine more effectively.

While the MT has the boss

When Festergut is taunted off me, I toggle RF off, hit Hand of Salv, and go around to the back of the boss. I hate searching through my buffs to click things off, so I have a special /cancelaura Righteous Fury macro.

In fact, I have a few keybinds (Z and X) that I reserve for odd things I have to do that tend to change from fight to fight – generally macros, like target macros for specific fights, Gunship rocket, etc. On Festergut, I make sure /cancelaura Righteous Fury is on my X key.

My rotation changes a little to optimize DPS, while keeping a very close eye on omen. Hand of Salv works wonders, though. As soon as I can safely pop wings, I do so to lay the smack down on that bitch!

A Hand of Sacrifice on the MT helps when he’s tanking Festergut on 3 stacks of Inhale.

When I see Festergut casting Exhale Blight, I smack my Divine Sacrifice /cancel macro twice to trigger the 20% “raid wall”. Divine Sac is awesome on this fight; the two minute cooldown is short enough that it can be popped for both Exhales!

A Note on Raid Awareness

In this fight, it is incredibly necessary to know exactly who’s in melee range and who’s at range. We stick a lot of healers in melee range, so this is not always obvious. I always make sure, before the pull, that I know precisely who’s in melee and who’s at range. I want to be able to tell from that DBM raid announcement what spores are where without even looking for the spores on my screen.

As the not-actively-tanking tank I am the best choice to move if there are 2 spores in melee. When DBM calls out the 3 spore targets, if I’m one, and someone else has one in melee range, I move my butt out to the ranged!

Taking Festergut Back

I toggle Righteous Fury back on when the MT hits 7 stacks; I’m far enough behind in threat that I can do this safely.

Of course, this can be interesting when you’re a tank who buffs with PallyPower and doesn’t have RF on her bars. I panicked the first time I tanked this… oh god, MT is at 8 stacks. PallyPower doesn’t buff people when I try to rebuff them after battle rezzes in combat (I know; I’ve tried). Will it work on RF? Do I have to open my fucking spellbook?! Luckily, the Pally Power RF works mid combat. Oh, addons, how you complicate my life…

When it's time to taunt off the MT, I chug another Armor Potion. I'm getting addicted to those things. Rhidach, I'm sending the bill to you.

Festergut will quickly get his third stack of inhale, and it's cooldown time – Divine Protection, which I have on a cute Power Aura so I can see precisely when it's shielding me (I like visual cues). When it falls, I pop each of my trinkets and pray the healers are on top of their business.

He exhales. I smack my Divine Sac Cancel macro again. Two minute cooldowns ROCK. Just sayin'.

Theoretically, no one dies, including me. And if the DPS have popped their cooldowns right, Festergut will die on time!

Well, that's how I do it. Your mileage may vary. :)

Wipefest on Faction Champions

(ss of my favorite mount, the OS+3 10 man drake, to cheer myself up)

We’ve been getting through TOC pretty reliably. One-shot the whole place in like 45 minutes last week. I figured we had this place covered.

Last night, ’twas not to be.  Faction Champs whooped us and whooped us good. We gave up after five wipes and called it a night.

Combat logs reveal problem areas were mainly interrupts – we weren’t interrupting enough heals. DPS was lower than usual, so the whole encounter was just taking too long. I know there’s got to be more to it though because they kicked our ass really, really hard.

A particularly frustrating fight for me because I go ret. I still feel very uncomfortable in ret. Used to being up front and in charge, after all… and in control. I just feel so helpless sometimes when we hit a progression fight and I’m in my offspec – at least as tank I have a great deal of control over how the encounter is progressing. I like control.

Well, anyways, it’s really sad when the lack of 2 top DPS suddenly moves our raid from “Clears TOC25 in 45 minutes” to “fails hard at faction champs.”

Edit: Interesting post on Maintankadin about Faction Champs AI:

Progression: General Vezax (25) down


Mmmm…. the general didn’t prove to be much of a challenge. Two-shot. I was DPS for this fight since it’s one-tank.

DPS is easy. We just stacked up on his right foot and piled on the hurt. I’m not good at DPS, but geez, I can do that much. We had four people assigned to interrupts but I threw mine in whenever it was off cooldown, too.

The fight is more complicated for ranged and healers, who have to avoid shadow crashes and stand in puddles and deal with green clouds…. :) Two shots, pretty good. We way outgear this encounter now, though.

As a side note, I was damn proud of my DPS. I was third.

THIRD! SERIOUSLY!!! A link to our combat log in case you don’t believe me!

Sure, melee has it easier. But let’s be honest – I’m the second tank chilling in a DPS spec I don’t even know that well. I’m damn proud of myself. :D

Progression: Anub 25 down (reliably!!)

Anub 25 goes down again! Reliably, this time.

We’ve killed him twice before but it’s been within seconds of the enrage timer. Too many submerge phases. This time we took him out a full submerge phase early- it was fantastic.

I’m the add tank on Anub. Those Nerubian Burrowers hit freakin’ hard once they have stacked the 225% debuff up, so I wear a block set on this fight. Because the debuff applies only to damage *after* the block, block is real helpful on this fight. My block set ain’t perfect, but it does give me 2600 block and capped avoidance with holy shield up.

I bring the first set to Anub’s ass for killin’, and I take the second set far far away so we have kiting room when the submerge phase begins. My biggest frustration with this fight is that my first set of adds goes down way too slowly. Every single time, the first adds are still dying when the second set spawns. Which means all sorts of bad things. Our DPS is just bad at switching targets, but we didn’t want to sacrifice too much DPS on Anub…

However, tonight the RL must have gotten tired of hearing me complain “Kill my adds! Now! PLEASE! KILL THEM!” because he finally told all the DPS to focus fire my adds until they died. Oh my god, it was glorious. I had a full 3 or 4 seconds before the second set spawned, I could pick them up at my leisure (lol, sort of), and drag them off to the back to tank them until anub submerges.

The whole thing was cleaner. Shocking, the DPS on Anub was actually stronger, and we hit phase 3 a full submerge phase earlier than usual. It was a good clean kill and I’m sure we can do it again next week.

Maybe I can actually say now that we are “full clearing” TOC 25 :)

Progression: Thorim 25 (finally) down


Finally. Yep. My guild is clearing TOC 25 yet remained stuck on Thorim in Ulduar until now.

The arena was always such a mess. We tried all sorts of strategies. We tried everything. I promise. There was a lot of frustration for a long time over this fight, and I mean a LOT. This fight just held us up in Ulduar for over two months.

I was one of the tanks in the arena and I gotta say, managing aggro in there is a pain in the ass. Especially when the other tank with me is someone inexperienced in an offspec. Aggro was everywhere. DPS was low, and the adds were going down so slowly that we were overwhelmed by wave 2 or 3. My screen was always covered in health bars.

I know I was frustrated with ranged and ranged was frustrated with me. People were making nasty comments to each other. Everyone thought they were an expert on what to do. It was bad. And we’d been doing this for months.

We spent all thursday wiping on it. Finally for our last try, we just stacked in the center and nuked.

It was perfect. I mean perfect. The waves of adds actually died. I don’t know WHY the dps couldn’t take them down without stacking and nuking, but /shrug. They probably wonder why I couldn’t tank them all without stacking. Whatever. As my MT put it, “We outgear the encounter so we took Raid Awareness out of the equation and just streamrolled it.”

Yep. Well, that’s raiding in a semi-casual guild…

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