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Being a New Tank

Tanking is a tough job. It is a high-stress, high-responsibility position that demands a great deal of maturity and focus, regardless of whether you’re pugging 5 man dungeons or 25 man raids. Your group depends on you to begin, position, and keep control of every pull from the stupidest trash to the hardest boss. Your mistakes are the easiest to see and arguably the hardest to recover from. This is true of healing too, but tanking has the added complication of leadership – even if you’re not leading the group or raid, your pulling sets the pace for the entire encounter and you have the most control over precisely what is going on around you. Good tanks are good leaders even when they don’t have to say a thing.

Anyways, tanking is hard. It’s not the kind of thing you want to jump into right when you first hit 80 and decide you want to see the inside of some dungeons – so I look back and wonder what the hell kind of crazy I was smoking when I decided to do precisely that! With no experience whatsoever! My first 80! What was I thinking?!

I know what I was thinking: “My pally is 80! Whoo hoo! Prot is fun, Ret is boring, and I’m too poor to dual spec. So I’ll stay prot! That makes me a tank? Hmm? Well it sounds cool, I’ll give it a shot!”

Geez. I had no idea what I was getting into. I’m not someone who is satisfied with being bad or new at something. And I quickly realized that tanking was HARD, and not only was it hard, but it was stressful. I hate screwing up. And I did. Lots.

You might laugh now to think about someone being scared of going to Naxx 10 or H Nexus. But I was! I was terrified! I didn’t want to be “that noob”. Noob DPS can be carried… but a noob tank can ruin someone’s heroic daily. My best friend, a mage, was perfectly happy to pug heroics the moment he hit 80. I was not – I was terrified of screwing things up for some poor PUG who got stuck with the new tank. I was very cautious about learning, I ran heroics with healers I knew and friends on vent, I did obsessive amounts of research, and I picked apart my every mistake. My friends sometimes despaired of me when I criticized myself, and still do.

But the more I learned about tanking, the more I fell in love with it. I’m one of those people that has the most fun in precisely that high-stress high-responsibility position, and the harder something is, the more I enjoy it. I’m pretty crazy like that. I think most of the tanks I know are like that, too.

I guess my obsessive determination paid off. I gained a reputation – way faster than I ever expected – as a pretty reliable tank and a fast learner. I joined a totally awesome guild filled with nice mature people, and now I offtank 25 man content during the week and 10 man content on weekends.

So that’s my story. I’m a pretty new tank – I’m still learning a lot of the content I’m expected to know. I don’t have experience with pre-WOTLK content. I haven’t been raiding for very long. Hell, I skipped a lot of Naxx and went straight to Ulduar and TOC. But I’m confident in my ability to learn fast and figure things out reliably, and that keeps me competitive with tanks who’ve been around a ton longer than I have.

So that’s my story. New tank :) It’s a terrifying thought… new tank… but that’s what I am, and I’m pretty good at it!


Who Am I?!

Hello readers! I post under the nickname Anafielle, and I play a Protection Paladin on a US EST server. I currently tank 25 man raids three times a week and 10 man content here and there. My offspec is sometimes ret, sometimes holy, but I am first and foremost a tank and rarely do anything else.

My History in Wow

I’ll be honest. I’m a pretty new tank, and you can read about that here. I consider myself still rather inexperienced compared to the vast majority of tanks (and wow players) out there, and I learn new things every day. So if you’re an experienced tank, please comment and tell me if you think I’m doing something wrong! :) As for the new tanks, maybe my experiences will help you learn too! :)

I’m Posting Guides?! What am I Thinking?!

I will be posting some guides. Not because I think I know everything – I sure don’t – but I was in the “new tank OMG!” position pretty recently. I remember doing so much research! I remember all the questions I had. I remember the mistakes I made. I still have a lot of the information my tank mentors sent me. So I figured I would throw it all into the blog so that other new tanks might find my guides and find them helpful! Please comment if you think something is wrong. :)

Why A Blog?

I started this blog because, well, I need something wow-related to do during the day. My day job is in fashion & marketing. I love it, but sometimes I just need to think about video games for a while.

Honestly, a girl can only write about shoes for so long before she starts to think about tonight’s raid. Right? Right?! (Alright, maybe that’s just me.)

Contact Me

I hesitate to put my WOW information up here so I can be as candid as I want. But you can always email me at eisandine at gmail dot com.

About The Author

Tankadin Errant is a blog written by Anafielle, a paladin tank on Drenden - US Alliance side. (Armory)

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