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2009 WoW Year in Review

I might not post all that much, but I like to keep this thing around for longer wow thoughts than twitter can allow! Just as my favorite wow blogs do it… like Rhidach at Righteous Defense & Honor’s Hammer at Honor’s Code!

1. What did you do in the World of Warcraft in 2009 that you’d never done before?

It was a big year for me. I had been a very casual on and off leveler here and there over the last three years and finally achieved a main at the level cap. Then I joined a big guild and was basically discovered as a new tank, and fell in love with raiding, both 10 and 25 man. Now I find myself a daily wow player, a 5 time a week raider, a cotank for a big guild, and a very serious raider and pretty active member of the greater wow community.

2. What was your favorite new place that you visited?

Since I came back to wow after a break, all of Northrend/WOTLK was new for me this year.

Don’t laugh, but… My favorite new place was without a doubt the DK starting area and the starting quests. I know this is old news to the experts, but my first time playing through these was an absolutely epic experience. Blizzard did a truly amazing job using the mechanics of the existing game and creating new mechanics such as the phasing to completely engross the player in both the storyline and the gameplay.

For an example, I remember the quest (one of the many quests) where you have to go around murdering fleeing, helpless villagers. The mechanics of the game, which I had used for years to mindlessly kill mobs around my level which hit back, took on a whole new aspect when I was doing my rotation on fleeing villagers way below my level. It wasn’t just the text I was reading that made me feel like a terrible person for doing this quest- blizz took advantage of the ‘feel’ of an encounter with a mob, and twisted it, to make the player really feel like a murderous, merciless killer.

I played through these starting quests 3 times in the span of one month because I enjoyed them so much. Yep…

3. What would you like to have in 2010 that you lacked in 2009?

Halleigh dual-specced tank.

I have kept Halleigh’s ret spec on because she has some fab offspec gear and because I really, really enjoy being ret sometimes. I love learning what an encounter is like for melee DPS because I find it really improves my tanking, and it’s interesting and different! And, my 10m still hits the occasional one-tank encounter. I am ret for FC in Coliseum (10, 25, and 10H), ret for Vezax and Hodir when we go back into Ulduar, and ret while we work on Firefighter.

But I really want Halleigh dual-specced tank. I crave that SoComm “heroics/trash” tanking spec I keep hearing about.

I am hoping that once my DK is 80 (she’s 78!) and I’ve geared her for a few weeks, I can get my melee fix on her and switch Halleigh’s second spec to an alternate tanking spec.

I’m also hoping that my guild quits hitting one-tank fights. Blizz has said they are going to shy away from designing any more, so that’s a good sign. Two tank fights on every encounter, please!

4. What was your biggest achievement of the year?

All of my achievements this year were big seeing as it was my first wow year.

Personal best: becoming a part of the 10m hard modes raid on a weekly basis. Hello favorite part of the week!

Guild best: Anub’arak 10H kill!!!!!! I actually screamed when we did this. It was a personal victory for me because tanking those stupid adds isn’t easy! And I got a pretty piece of loot (Heroic Crusader’s Glory) as a reward, too.

5. What was your biggest failure?

Oh, anything involving the 25 man.

Hitting ToGC just a week or two ago and finding ourselves short 20% of the DPS needed to get through the first beasts before the second ones spawn was a low point. I know we’re a casual guild, but there are some inexcusably well geared players who just don’t feel like contributing anything besides a wasted raid spot.

6. What did you get really, really, really excited about?

10 man hard mode raids!

7. What do you wish you’d done less of?

Stress about raiding.

I take positions of responsibility pretty seriously. And when I was newer and less experienced, I used to stress out so much about raids. I was terrified of screwing something up.

On nights when we were going to hit ToC, I would drive home from work and my heart would be beating fast, and I’d be thinking about what I had to do and what I might mess up. I would get so stressed out and so paniced. I stress out just as much now, but I panic much less now, even when we go new places.

Getting home from work at 7:15 constantly, and either skipping dinner or being late for raid invites (or both) was also not great. I wish my guild raided an hour later.

8. What was your favorite WoW blog or podcast?

Avenging Wrathy. I love his blog.

9. Tell us a valuable WoW lesson you learned in 2009.

Everything I have learned is a valuable lesson. :)


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