Hello readers! Welcome to my blog. I’m Anafielle, a Protection Paladin on Drenden, a US EST server.

My main’s name is actually Halleigh, but I’ve always used the name Anafielle online. Bonus points if you get the reference!

My History in Wow

I have dabbled in WoW as a very casual player since vanilla times, four years ago but only recently hit the level cap and really fell in love with raiding.

I now offtank / co tank for a 25 man raiding guild (Brand New Day) on Drenden, a US EST server. I think we are described as “casual with illusions of progression.”

My 10 man works on hard modes. My 25 struggles and stumbles through normal ones.

What You Will Find Here

I read a lot of blogs. I feel like these blogs have the informative stuff covered, and I am not near a regular enough blogger to be informative, anyways.

I just tend to write here – at great length – when something really concerns me and I feel the need to get my words down just to get a handle on what I am thinking.

I was trained as a writer in college, even if I don’t do much of it now, and so writing has always been the way I put my thoughts in order.

Off Tanking

I am the off tank for my guild. Some guilds have co tanks, but we have a very definite main tank and off tank. My main tank is also my raid leader – he has over nine years of tanking and MMO experience under his belt from Everquest into WoW. Whereas I am a very fresh but eager to learn tank who has learned everything I know about WOW in the last six months!

He deals with my constant and incessant barrage of questions and comments with patience and rarely criticizes me, because he knows I am 100% harder on myself than anyone else. We work pretty well together. Sometimes he hands me a raid to lead or a boss to tank, and that keeps me happy.

I like to think I come at things from a unique perspective. I am close friends with half of the officers in guild, but I’m not one; I have a great relationship with my MT, but I’m not him. I am an off tank, not a main tank.

I remember there being a dearth of information on the web about off tanking back when I was first starting up, and I hope to do my part to put my thoughts online for anyone who should choose to read them.


1 Response to “About This Blog”

  1. 1 Anolaana June 30, 2010 at 9:51 pm

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_Kingdom_of_Landover ?
    Anafielle, you really need to update this. :P
    You’re probably one of the better bloggers out there, and I’d love to see more posts from you. I’d also like to see what you think of ICC- especially in ES. I’ve never really thought from a raider’s perspective as a tank, and I’d love to find out more.

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Tankadin Errant is a blog written by Anafielle, a paladin tank on Drenden - US Alliance side. (Armory)

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