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H Lord Jaraxxus Down!!!



Two shot Lord Jaraxxus on Heroic mode!

After perusing some World of Logs logs, we saw that most of the groups who downed him used 2 tanks, 2 heals. So we dropped to 2 heals and beat the snot out of him :)

Yours truly had Jaraxxus. I always feel special when I get to tank the boss (even when it’s because the MT takes the harder job, the adds). Instead of moving him around the outside like I do on 25 man, we just kept him in the center and I kited him just a little bit when necessary. This actually helped keep everything centrallized.

Firefighter (10 man) proved to be more of a challenge. We saw Phase 4, but were not very close to downing him. I was DPS and was certainly feeling my inexperience in ret quite keenly. We are also very short ranged DPS, which makes things in phase 3 exceptionally complicated.

I half expect to be left out of Firefighter next week because instead of the second tank in her DPS spec they should really grab another ranged. On the other hand, I know the guild wants to keep a constant roster on the 10 man, and my DPS isn’t too shabby. We’ll see…..


Surprise! A Hard Mode!

We were zooming through Ulduar because we got a late start and wanted to get as far as possible. As the MT pulled, vent was something like this.

“So are we breaking the heart?”


“Ehh, I dunno.”

“Maybe. If it happens, it happens.”

One heroism on the heart phase later…

And that was the extent of the introduction I got to XT’s hard mode. I was sitting there in the back, waiting for my adds to spawn. What? There are no adds from the corners? Why are people sparkling? OK, I get it, gravity bombs to the right and light bombs to the left. But those sparks… some of them are ADDS?!

By the end of the hard mode I had figured out (after watching an add own someone) that wow, sometimes there are sparks, and that means there’s an add I need to grab! And once I figured that out, I was good about taking care of them.

But seriously! Surprise heartbreaker! New offtank! I should have asked on vent WTF was going on, hahaha. Well, only one person died, and I figured out what to do pretty quickly.

I was very pleased to get the achievement of course. :D

The sweet smell of progression!! (Ulduar hard modes)

I love love love my guild’s 10 man. They recently started including me and and not only do I feel honored and pleased to come along, but I also just have a ridiculous amount of fun with them. Our 10 man is a group of really nice and mature people that I really like chatting with on vent. The 10 man also bypasses the occasional stress and drama of the 25 man. Constant drama, these days, to be honest.

Last week we extended a raid ID to work on Yogg a bit, but this time we restarted to hit some hard modes. And yeah, we definitely one-shot a few. Damn!!

Previously we had done XT (Heartbreaker), IC (I Choose You, Steelbreaker), and Ignis (a simple timed burn). I got the XT achievement since I’d never done Heartbreaker, which was nice for me. We then proceeded to two-shot Hodir’s hard mode (another simple timed burn) and one-shot Thorim’s!!

Damn, that was exciting!

Personally I was pleased with myself because my offspec DPS wasn’t too shabby when I had to go ret. One of my biggest worries about joining the Pro Kids Only 10 man group was my offspec DPS, since there are a few one-tank fights. My ret set is gemmed and enchanted correctly, but it’s still pretty heavy on the blues.

Well, I didn’t do too terribly at all! I beat at least one other DPS each time I was facerolling my ret set. Yes! I will only get better, too. :) Part of offtanking in these 10 mans (and the occasional 25) is the ability to go DPS when needed, and now I’m confident in my ability to do that.

Now time for three knock Freya and the ultimate in exciting hard modes, Firefighter!! :D I’m excited!

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