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Easy Heroics and Hard Heroics

Not all Heroics are created equal. Some of them are easier than others. Your experiences may vary, but I farmed the following heroics for badges beginning in seriously shitty gear. (Very low stamina, def capped with tons of yellow gems).

“Easy” – Regular ToC (yes, this counts), H Violet Hold, H Nexus, H UK, H UP.
Obviously, any one of these is hard when you don’t know the bosses. But these are pretty easy to get through, and I farmed them so much when I was new.

“Medium” – H Gundrak, H DTK, H AN.
Gundrak is a popular choice for heroic farming, since it has 5 bosses with only 2 or 3 trash pulls between them. I could tank this place in my sleep, I farmed it so much. But I think it’s a little harder than the above listed ones, thanks to 2 bosses who drop aggro multiple times through their fights.
DTK – Another popular farming choice, but King Dred hits the tank very, very hard. Requires OP heals if you are undergeared.
AN – Very fast 3 badges. I am told that this place is a mess if you aren’t with a group that knows it.

“Hard” – H TOC, H HOL, H HOS (duh, the ulduar and coliseum heroics)
H HOS – Two of these bosses are very, very simple. Three, if you count the last boss and you just control the adds he summons. But I put this on the “hard” list because the Brann encounter is just a bitch and a half.
H HOL – For a heroic, this is pretty nasty trash. I was not a fan of this place until I had run it at least 10 times. (now I like it… it’s interesting!) Also, Loken’s AOE damage spell is much, much easier if everyone stacks up and eats the damage. Hard to run before you are geared.
H TOC – A good rule of thumb is, don’t tank H TOC until you have 30k HP unbuffed. I’m sure it can be done, but this is not an easy heroic. I honestly think it’s most difficult for the healer – and if it’s tough for the healer, you should not depend on them to heal your undergeared ass. Once you know it though, very easy to farm. And there is a ton of nice stuff in here

Nastier Heroics
H AN (very short, but can be messy)
H OK (long and painful, avoid when possible)
H Occulus (blegh)

Apparently I am crazy for preferring Gundrak to DTK. /shrug…. I like Gundrak! Very little trash! :)


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