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Progression: Thorim 25 (finally) down


Finally. Yep. My guild is clearing TOC 25 yet remained stuck on Thorim in Ulduar until now.

The arena was always such a mess. We tried all sorts of strategies. We tried everything. I promise. There was a lot of frustration for a long time over this fight, and I mean a LOT. This fight just held us up in Ulduar for over two months.

I was one of the tanks in the arena and I gotta say, managing aggro in there is a pain in the ass. Especially when the other tank with me is someone inexperienced in an offspec. Aggro was everywhere. DPS was low, and the adds were going down so slowly that we were overwhelmed by wave 2 or 3. My screen was always covered in health bars.

I know I was frustrated with ranged and ranged was frustrated with me. People were making nasty comments to each other. Everyone thought they were an expert on what to do. It was bad. And we’d been doing this for months.

We spent all thursday wiping on it. Finally for our last try, we just stacked in the center and nuked.

It was perfect. I mean perfect. The waves of adds actually died. I don’t know WHY the dps couldn’t take them down without stacking and nuking, but /shrug. They probably wonder why I couldn’t tank them all without stacking. Whatever. As my MT put it, “We outgear the encounter so we took Raid Awareness out of the equation and just streamrolled it.”

Yep. Well, that’s raiding in a semi-casual guild…


T9 upgrade troubles

I don’t know what to do about my T9 upgrades. And I’m sitting on 110 triumph emblems right now so I better decide fast! The first thing I’m going to upgrade is certainly going to be the gloves as my gloves are currently my worst item of the four. The next upgrade however is problematic due to what I am wearing:

Gloves: emblem gloves -> need upgrading!
Chest: 245 Chest of the Towering Monstrosity
Shoulders: 245 badge shoulders
Head: 226 T8.5 head
Legs: 226 T8.5 legs

After I upgrade the gloves, I’m in a bit of a pickle. Either I replace a perfectly good 245 item with a very slight upgrade (chest or shoulders), or I break my T8 set bonus (10% increased damage to Seal of Vengence). I don’t really have threat problems, but that’s a big threat loss. I love the T9 2pc set bonus so much – decreased cooldown on taunt is just so clutch – but I would rather have both bonuses, thank you very much :)

My cotank and I both sort of made the mistake of blowing emblems on offset shoulders. Of course, I wasn’t running near as high content back then. Now however I am clearing 25 man TOC (mostly) every week with my guild, and I have access to those trophies. And the DKP for them now.

Well, I will probably break my T8 bonus first. Or get the set shoulders. Ugh. I still can’t decide.

Surprise! A Hard Mode!

We were zooming through Ulduar because we got a late start and wanted to get as far as possible. As the MT pulled, vent was something like this.

“So are we breaking the heart?”


“Ehh, I dunno.”

“Maybe. If it happens, it happens.”

One heroism on the heart phase later…

And that was the extent of the introduction I got to XT’s hard mode. I was sitting there in the back, waiting for my adds to spawn. What? There are no adds from the corners? Why are people sparkling? OK, I get it, gravity bombs to the right and light bombs to the left. But those sparks… some of them are ADDS?!

By the end of the hard mode I had figured out (after watching an add own someone) that wow, sometimes there are sparks, and that means there’s an add I need to grab! And once I figured that out, I was good about taking care of them.

But seriously! Surprise heartbreaker! New offtank! I should have asked on vent WTF was going on, hahaha. Well, only one person died, and I figured out what to do pretty quickly.

I was very pleased to get the achievement of course. :D

The sweet smell of progression!! (Ulduar hard modes)

I love love love my guild’s 10 man. They recently started including me and and not only do I feel honored and pleased to come along, but I also just have a ridiculous amount of fun with them. Our 10 man is a group of really nice and mature people that I really like chatting with on vent. The 10 man also bypasses the occasional stress and drama of the 25 man. Constant drama, these days, to be honest.

Last week we extended a raid ID to work on Yogg a bit, but this time we restarted to hit some hard modes. And yeah, we definitely one-shot a few. Damn!!

Previously we had done XT (Heartbreaker), IC (I Choose You, Steelbreaker), and Ignis (a simple timed burn). I got the XT achievement since I’d never done Heartbreaker, which was nice for me. We then proceeded to two-shot Hodir’s hard mode (another simple timed burn) and one-shot Thorim’s!!

Damn, that was exciting!

Personally I was pleased with myself because my offspec DPS wasn’t too shabby when I had to go ret. One of my biggest worries about joining the Pro Kids Only 10 man group was my offspec DPS, since there are a few one-tank fights. My ret set is gemmed and enchanted correctly, but it’s still pretty heavy on the blues.

Well, I didn’t do too terribly at all! I beat at least one other DPS each time I was facerolling my ret set. Yes! I will only get better, too. :) Part of offtanking in these 10 mans (and the occasional 25) is the ability to go DPS when needed, and now I’m confident in my ability to do that.

Now time for three knock Freya and the ultimate in exciting hard modes, Firefighter!! :D I’m excited!

10 man H TOC, in which I wipe the raid

I came along on our guild’s progression-focused 10 man and had a blast again.

We cleared 10 man TOC quickly again and turned to H TOC. I was excited to see H Jaraxxus again but twas not to be, since beasts gave us problems this week.

I blame the first wipe on me – I turned the wrong way when Icehowl was sprinting at the wall and he smacked into me. /facepalm … it’s actually easier to get out of his way when he’s running at you (I did that just fine) than when he’s running at someone juuuuust next to you. I fail. Definitely taking speed pots next time and checking VERY closely to see which side of me his target is on.

Wiped quickly the second time on worms when 4 people with the paralytic toxin came too close to me (I always have the burning bile) and got royally owned by his frontal cone. /range for the win…

I would really love to see us give H TOC a serious try- we have beasts pretty much down, silly mistakes aside, we one shot them last week- but we are pretty focused on Ulduar and hard modes right now. Well, H toc will come….

Add Tanking on Emalon

I have finally conquered one of my offtank fears – add tanking on Emalon.

I am a very cautious tank. I hate making mistakes. I’d rather do a job I know I can do than try a new job, especially if I’m with my guild and I don’t want to let them down. I tried to tank the Emalon adds once very early in my raid tanking career and screwed it up royally – so I insisted on tanking the boss from then on out.

Tanking Emalon is an easy job. You just drag him over to the side and hold aggro until he dies. Anyone with half a brain can do it. Tanking the adds though means you have to taunt a new one when it pops up. OK fine! It’s not that hard! I don’t know why I was worried. I think because I just sucked at it the first time I tried. I pretty much killed them doing my whole rotation and they all started spawning again and I lost control.

Conquered this fear the other day in 10 man VOA with an out-of-guild group. In fact, it could have been a huge mess, since the main tank made the mistake of charging in first instead of letting me go in first. I pulled the adds off him though, and held them for the fight.

And…… turns out, it’s really easy. Why was I worried about this? The trick is not to hit the damn things at all. A consecrate here and there will hold them just fine. Taunting one new add every now and then is easy.

A sign of how much more comfortable I feel in my tanking role these days. Now I think I will insist on doing Emalon adds because… they’re less boring. :)

Progression: Onyxia 25 down!


Ony 25 falls!

This is not a very hard encounter. Phase 1 is tank and spank. Phase 3 is tank and spank (while cursing the fear). As soon as we figured out how to deal with the adds cleanly in phase 2, we got her.

When the whelps spawn from each side, the best way to deal with them by far is to stack on the Ony tank to gather them all up, and AOE them down. I usually let a full Consecrate tick (to build aggro and also to gather up the last ones), and call for AOE when I hit my second consecrate.

Premature AOE is a leading cause of mage death!

The add tank grabs the Warders as they come out and pulls them to the back (we like to keep the whole raid concentrated at the back of the room). Melee kills it. If they are tanked right on the back wall, you don’t even need to worry about Deep Breath. Their Blast Nova is nasty and uninterruptable (I think) so melee have to run out when they do that.

Her fear in phase 3 is annoying, especially because we have no warrior tank. We just deal with a certain amount of bad luck when she turns to chase the feared tank and straighten her out as best we can. We’ve never wiped from it, but there’s always a bit of DPS death in p3.

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