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Tales of a Noob: Kologarn

As I mention quite a bit, I’m pretty new to the world of raiding. I’m good at grasping big things quickly, but I have a bad tendency to make some hilariously silly mistakes. I’ve made quite a few of these in my wow career so far, and some of them make pretty good stories.

I should probably write them down before I happen to forget all about them and think of myself as some kind of pro! :)

My first story involves Kologarn.

Anafielle, welcome to Ulduar!

The raid I am thinking of was quite some time ago, certainly very soon after I hit 80.

It marked one of my very first 25 man raids with my new guild. I was along as the third tank, a nice supposedly stress-free position for the most part which gave me a chance to obtain some raiding experience without being thrown into a crazy hot seat.

Stress free? Me? What are you TALKING about? Since when have I tanked anything without stressing out about it?

This was Ulduar in the time of patch 3.2. The guild knew all the beginning fights by heart. I was about 60% worried about wiping the raid due to my own stupidity and 60% worried about making a complete and utter fool of myself. Yes, that adds up to 120%. Don’t argue with my math.

Mostly I just felt overgeared for my experience level. I was decked out in 226 without a lick of experience to justify all this raid quality gear. On those early raids, I felt like a 10 year old girl playing dress-up in mommy’s closet. Someday I knew those clothes would fit me right; but right then, I thought I looked stupid and awkward.

The Fight

I had done Kologarn on 10 a few times, but never 25. In 10s I had always been on “grab rubble when it spawns” duty. In 25s, they put me on “taunt trade” duty.

Trading taunts! Exciting!! So this is what real tanks do! I have to tank the boss. AWESOME. Yet terrifying! The raid’s survival rests on my overgeared yet underexperienced shoulders. I was excited and scared at the same time.

In the middle of the fight, I got gripped.

This was totally unexpected. What? What?? Oh god! That boss needs me! What if my cotank got too many stacks of the debuff?! What would happen if I wasn’t there to taunt?! How do I react to this crazy and completely unexpected situation?

When I dropped from the arm, I clicked my autorun key. This has always been my middle mouse button. Back then I was an autorunner; I always used to move by speedily clicking autorun (my middle mouse button) on and off. Always. I have since taught myself to move by holding down both mouse buttons, but back then I was still an autorun clicker. It was, in general, a pretty precise way to get around.

In this situation … unfamiliar with the boss’ hitbox – or, to be honest, the concept of hitboxes in general – and panicking to get back in position … it was a catastrophic error.

Yes. I auto-ran off the edge.


After my horrifyingly humiliating experience with the edge boss, the raid giggled a bit at me and killed him cleanly, leaving only my pride hurt. >< After all, it was freakin’ Kologarn…. easy mode.

And oh… was my pride hurt.


Feel free to laugh at me :)


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