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Tanking Festergut is Fun!

I love the Plagueworks wing…. tanking in here is never boring!

Even Festergut requires some thought and cooldown management to tank correctly. I can’t pop wings on the pull; I want them later. I can’t blow LOH in a panic if heals are light; Forbearance will screw me later.

The DPS buff makes me capable of pumping out some truly ridiculous numbers, like 6.4k on our very first kill. I’m Halleigh in those logs, and I was first tank. The mechanics of the fight are such that the first tank does about 50% more dps than the second. What? Strength of Wrynn, you say? Shh… I want to think I’m badass, OK? :)

Anyways… here’s a little rundown of how I tank Festergut as a pally. I know Festergut hasn’t been progression for a while for most people, but my guild downed him for the first time last night, so he’s on my mind!

Tanking First

I tank first because my MT (also a pally) prefers to tank the first cooldown intensive portion of the fight himself. Since that happens to the second tank, he tanks second. In keeping with my new addiction to Armor Potions, I chug one on my way in. Unlike most of the time when I’m tanking a boss, I don’t pop wings on the way in – I save them for later.

Tanking Fester first is easy. I pop Divine Protection when Fester hits 2 stacks of Inhale, just to ease things for the healers. It’s not necessary, but why not? I know it’ll be back up when I need it later. Cooldowns are there to be used, and I’m working on using mine more effectively.

While the MT has the boss

When Festergut is taunted off me, I toggle RF off, hit Hand of Salv, and go around to the back of the boss. I hate searching through my buffs to click things off, so I have a special /cancelaura Righteous Fury macro.

In fact, I have a few keybinds (Z and X) that I reserve for odd things I have to do that tend to change from fight to fight – generally macros, like target macros for specific fights, Gunship rocket, etc. On Festergut, I make sure /cancelaura Righteous Fury is on my X key.

My rotation changes a little to optimize DPS, while keeping a very close eye on omen. Hand of Salv works wonders, though. As soon as I can safely pop wings, I do so to lay the smack down on that bitch!

A Hand of Sacrifice on the MT helps when he’s tanking Festergut on 3 stacks of Inhale.

When I see Festergut casting Exhale Blight, I smack my Divine Sacrifice /cancel macro twice to trigger the 20% “raid wall”. Divine Sac is awesome on this fight; the two minute cooldown is short enough that it can be popped for both Exhales!

A Note on Raid Awareness

In this fight, it is incredibly necessary to know exactly who’s in melee range and who’s at range. We stick a lot of healers in melee range, so this is not always obvious. I always make sure, before the pull, that I know precisely who’s in melee and who’s at range. I want to be able to tell from that DBM raid announcement what spores are where without even looking for the spores on my screen.

As the not-actively-tanking tank I am the best choice to move if there are 2 spores in melee. When DBM calls out the 3 spore targets, if I’m one, and someone else has one in melee range, I move my butt out to the ranged!

Taking Festergut Back

I toggle Righteous Fury back on when the MT hits 7 stacks; I’m far enough behind in threat that I can do this safely.

Of course, this can be interesting when you’re a tank who buffs with PallyPower and doesn’t have RF on her bars. I panicked the first time I tanked this… oh god, MT is at 8 stacks. PallyPower doesn’t buff people when I try to rebuff them after battle rezzes in combat (I know; I’ve tried). Will it work on RF? Do I have to open my fucking spellbook?! Luckily, the Pally Power RF works mid combat. Oh, addons, how you complicate my life…

When it's time to taunt off the MT, I chug another Armor Potion. I'm getting addicted to those things. Rhidach, I'm sending the bill to you.

Festergut will quickly get his third stack of inhale, and it's cooldown time – Divine Protection, which I have on a cute Power Aura so I can see precisely when it's shielding me (I like visual cues). When it falls, I pop each of my trinkets and pray the healers are on top of their business.

He exhales. I smack my Divine Sac Cancel macro again. Two minute cooldowns ROCK. Just sayin'.

Theoretically, no one dies, including me. And if the DPS have popped their cooldowns right, Festergut will die on time!

Well, that's how I do it. Your mileage may vary. :)


Disappointing Proc Rate on the Ashen Verdict Tank Ring

My beloved ring … and no, I’m not exalted yet, I haven’t farmed that much rep!

I guess I expected too much out of my Ashen Band of Unmatched Courage ring proc. Now that I’ve got the revered version, the proc rate seems to be a lot lower than I expected.

After seeing @Protadin talk about his ring on twitter, I took a look at my own combat logs to see how often mine (and my MT’s) was proccing. Appeared to be much lower than I expected; every 1-3 minutes depending on how much I was being hit by things. Hmm.

Luckily there are people at Maintankadin and Tankspot who have looked into this before and done more extensive testing than my unofficial “search my combat logs and make assumptions based on encounters” approach. The ring appears to have a 2 or 3% proc rate with a 60 second ICD.

From a Maintankadin thread:

Definitely a 60-second ICD with an average time to proc of 0.08 minutes or 4.55 seconds when I had an average of 6.6 hits incoming per second. (21,705 hits over 55 minutes) … at a glance, it looks to me like the 3% proc rate listed on Wowhead is accurate.

Bonus links to a Tankspot thread where it is discussed, and another Tankspot thread.

I guess I set my expectations too high. I remember taking a look at the ring and drooling over the armor proc, imagining having a mini version of The Black Heart in a ring slot. Remember how often that baby used to proc? Back in the day? I loved that trinket.

But honestly, thinking about the ring as a whole, there’s really no reason to be disappointed. The ring has great stats (hit!! HIT!!!!), and with my raid’s less than speedy ICC 25 progression, my gear is not getting upgraded as quickly as I’d like. It was really fantastic to have fairly quick access to a nice ring like this from rep. The proc is really just the icing on the cake; even without it, I’d be happily wearing it. I don’t have access to enough gear to be really picky.

It’s just useful to be aware of how low the proc rate is so I know what to expect.

Apparently Onyxia has no enrage timer

I like to put together 10 man VOA/Ony runs at the beginning of the week. We were rolling with mostly alts for these easymode raids, although I was MTing on Halleigh (my main).

Ony came down much faster than I expected and landed just as some whelps and a big add came out. Everything got a little messy as I was backing her up and positioning her for phase 3. Notes for next time: tell the ranged to hold off at 45% if we’re about to get an add spawn, ensure adds are managed, and then land her. Anyways, while I was positioning her for phase 3 and the adds were being taken care of, people started dying left and right.

Several unlucky fears + cleaves + tail swipes later we were left with three people alive: Druid heals, myself tanking, and one mage DPS (an alt). Ony was at 1.5m health. I sighed and thought, wipe on Ony 10? Seriously? So easymode…

Of course, she has no enrage timer!

Oh, we took her down. I saw my healer’s mana get low, started popping cooldowns, and figured we were done for, but Innervate for the win! 3 manned from 1.5 mill to zero. Everyone on vent was impressed. Reminded me of some Heigan kills I’ve tanked, except on Ony deaths can just be bad luck.

I love pulling a kill out of what looks like a wipe. It’s a great feeling! :)

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