Blood Princes: I am no Orb Whisperer

My 10 man is 10/12 now, which is close enough to the Lich King that we have moved into “focus focus power through” mode.

Unfortunately, Blood Princes and Blood Queen Lanathel decided to be assholes this week and set us back by about an hour apiece before we finally killed them, limiting our time on Sindragosa. Because Blood Princes in general frustrates me, I wanted to rant about it today.

Smack Those Balls

We don’t use a ranged tank. We use me (prot pally) instead, while the MT takes both the other two. So, basically, I run around the room collecting Dark Nuclei while keeping Keleseth as my focus, throwing Hammer of Wrath on him to keep my threat high.

Yes. I am the ball collector. This involves lots of cute comments in /raid. “Don’t ignore the balls, Halleigh!” “You’re our ball expert.” “I’m sure you’re used to chasing balls around all night.” “Don’t hit them too hard. Gently.” Mmmhmm.

Anyway. For a while, I could not figure out why I had so much fucking trouble with this. Those balls just do not stick. They float away. Uncontrollably! I can’t figure out why they leave sometimes. It can’t be healing aggro! And they die – very, very quickly. I try to load a lot of threat onto them, in case they are being ripped off me by healers, but all this does is kill them faster. I usually had 4 or 5 balls when Keleseth activated. Then, the raid came over to kick his ass, suddenly I find myself with 1 or 2, panicking.

I started to figure out what was going on.

1) It appears from looking around on the internet that they don’t really have an aggro table; they just latch onto whoever hit them last.

2) It seems like there are only a total of 6 (?) balls in the room at any given time. Instead of keeping 5 almost-dead balls on me, I began paying close attention to their HP and burning down the almost-dead ones in favor of grabbing a new, full-HP ball.

I have a feeling that when the raid came over to DPS Keleseth their splash damage was both ripping balls off me and killing them

My job was not really the problem. Seemed like we were wiping for execution problems in other places. But I was still frustrated! Silly balls, stick to me next time please!


2 Responses to “Blood Princes: I am no Orb Whisperer”

  1. 1 Antigen February 26, 2010 at 6:04 pm

    In my guild’s runs, we’ve found that heavily-restricting AoE damage when on Keleseth (as well as threat), coupled with an increased awareness of the balls’ positions in the room, generally makes the shadow tank a happy person.

  2. 2 anafielle March 1, 2010 at 2:37 pm


    After this post, we successfully used a lock tank on 25. The lock still had lots of trouble on 10, though, so they just switched back to using me in prot tanking and we took them down again.

    Honestly, it’s difficult either way. With a lock tank, everyone has to watch threat. With a pally tank, everyone has to watch AOE.

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