Hold on before you pull, I can’t find my beer opener

My beverage of choice on raid breaks

I have a confession to make.

On raid nights, I am commonly guilty of grabbing a beer on our 9:30 break. Always accompanied by chips or pretzels, of course. (Yes, I lead quite an unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle.)

I was curious to see how many people shared my like of beer during raid. So I asked one of my favorite toys lately – my wow twitter feed!

@Anafielle: #Warcraft Twitterati, a poll: How often do you crack a beer (or your choice of alcoholic beverage) while raiding?

And the responses varied:

@NDMiko Out of three raid nights a week my average is one night for liquor.

@0ricardo0 i don’t drink, so never lol.

@gotowell not often sadly. After a progression kill is another story however ;)

@that_ghoul_ava you can’t count that high.

@synae 80% of the time

@Protadin #Warcraft On a progression raid night, never. On a drunken raid night Kara/Naxx whenever we down a boss

@Ndiayne rarely, usually only if my work day was really shitty

@Poeryth I’ve never done it, personally, that I can think of, but my guild has ‘silly’ runs specifically called “Bring Your Own Beer”

@EntropiaWOW very rarely, I never drink during a work night. But on a Friday night and I’m fuckin around I will. But that’s like once a month

@LluckyA People raid sober? #Warcraft

@goss2326 i’ll normally have one or two alcoholic beverages during a #Warcraft raid if I’m not working the next day

@Daewin every night i can raid (which lately with work has been zero :P)

Hmm…. a wide range of responses from “I’d never do that!” to “Sometimes” to “Only on joke raid nights” to my personal favorite, “People raid sober?” :)

Well, I didn’t mean get drunk. I guess it depends on how you see one beer. For some people, one beer = you’ve started drinking. For me, one beer is just a beverage. I’d pop a beer (or have a glass of wine) with dinner without giving it much more thought than “Hmm, do I feel like drinking ice tea, water, coke, or a beer with this?”

I commonly drink a beer just because I feel like having a beer and some pretzels. Whether I have work the next day, or anything else, really doesn’t affect my decision one bit.

Now, I’m a tiny girl in real life. I weigh about 110lbs – and if I drink more than one beer, alright, I’ve started to drink. I’m relaxing. I’m chilling. I’m not doing anything serious. I would never drink multiple beers during a serious raid. But one? Does one beer make a difference?

Regardless, sometimes I feel guilty. I was chatting with someone on break once and almost mentioned I grabbed a beer, and then thought better of it. I don’t intend to mention in /raid. It’s just not a great idea.

Tensions are running a little high lately. Our progression has been stagnant, attendance is lackluster, people are frustrated… In addition, we have previously had a very few problems with guildies who have been inappropriately drunk or high in the middle of very tense raids. And at least one I can name who we all very quietly thought had a bit of a drinking problem, who used to get wasted every night and say inappropriate things to people…. including one fairly high-strung offtank. Mm, I never held it against him, but it was problematic.

So I will gladly joke about getting my drinks post-raid, but I won’t be mentioning my choice of beverage while the raid is still going on.


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