Putricide: Riding the Abomination!

The Professor Putricide encounter is another one of those boss fights that makes me really love my job as off-tank.

I’m sure there’s a wealth of information out there on Abomination Riding techniques, but I thought I’d make some notes for the benefit of other off-tanks looking for more information.

Before The Fight

Watch the Tankspot video on Abomination Control. It’s always invaluable to see someone else do what you’ll be doing, and with limited attempts in place, you’ll want to see someone else do your job before you have to hop in and do it.

At the start of the fight, run over to Putricide’s table, click it, and run back to the raid – don’t be alarmed that you don’t transform immediately. You get a debuff that ticks down for a few seconds before you turn into an Abomination.

Slime Pools

As the abomination, your job is to sit in the slime pools that Putricide tosses out, 2 at a time, and drink them up. Your 1 key finger might ache at the end of 10 tries. I was spamming that key so hard, and mine sure did.

You want to drink each pool up until it is gone. This SHOULD give you enough Slime Power to use your Regurgitated Ooze ability when you need it, but you can drink the second pool slowly if you want to stock up a bit on Slime Power. You need to always have 50 slime power available for your next job.

Keep an eye on the whole room and make sure you know where both puddles are. Very rarely, two slime pools will spawn on top of each other and will act like one pool as you drink them up. This can leave you short on slime power if you’re not careful, so keep an eye out and drink with caution.

Unstable Experiments

Putricide casts Unstable Experiment regularly on a timer, spawning one of 2 types of adds which the whole raid will DPS down as fast as possible. Your job is to use your Regurgitated Ooze ability (the 2 key) to slow these adds. This ability takes 50 slime power (half your bar) and has a huge range.

Yes! You get to vomit on things! ENJOY IT! :D

Each add spawns, casts something, and then zooms across the room at a raid member. The timing of your slow is important– you don’t want to slow them too early and waste it, but more importantly, you don’t want to be late and let the add will zoom across the room. Definitely better to be early.

What worked best for me: add spawns, I immediately target it and watch its cast bar. I hit Regurgitated Ooze near the end of its cast.

I also found (on 10m) that even if I got cute with eating slime and stocked up on slime power, I really only had enough slime power to slow each add once. I hope one slow per add is all a raid should need. If I slowed twice, I screwed myself for the next add no matter how slowly I drank up slime.

Down Time

If you are on the ball about eating slime pools, you’ll probably have some down time after eating one set of slime pools and before the next set spawns.

You can use this time to lay some DPS on the adds or the boss. Go hit something, and spam your “3” attack (Mutated Slash). I generally DPSed adds if they were up because they really needed to go down fast.

The Abomination hits very hard. I was shocked to find, perusing the combat logs, that my Abom accounted for a large percentage of the DPS on each add. On 10m my Abomination was doing 7k with Mutated Slash and about 5k melee. I believe he does signifigantly more on 25m.

And That’s It!

Controlling the abom was a bit confusing for me at first but made perfect sense after several attempts.

Some notes. I believe a hotfix was implemented over the weekend that stopped slime pools from expanding during the phase transitions (when everyone is stunned for a while). Thank goodness – that was a huge pain the first time we saw this fight and led to slime pools so big they simply couldn’t be removed.

I also suspect that a hotfix was implemented that made the Unstable Experiments alternate regularly between green and orange – all the strats I read say that they spawn randomly after the first green one, but after 10 full attempts we noticed they were alternating perfectly. Perhaps this is unique to the 10man, perhaps there was a hotfix enabled.

Final Notes

I was really pleased in general with how interesting the whole Plagueworks wing has been – between tanks turning off RF to DPS, slime kiting, and Abomination riding, the second wing of ICC has been one of my favorite raid experiences in my admittedly small range of experiences in Wow.

Putricide is possibly the craziest one of all. Riding the Abomination is weird, fun, and a vitally important job! So enjoy it, off tanks, it’s our moment in the spotlight.


3 Responses to “Putricide: Riding the Abomination!”

  1. 1 OrcNoel April 14, 2010 at 12:22 pm

    Very good guide, but im having some troubles and want to ask for some advices. Im general, the eating pool thing is very easy, i eat it all, stay on 100% energy and have no problem slowing oozes, but sometimes the pools get crazy! i cant eat it all. One thing that i have noticed is that if during the phase change(1 to 2, when putri uses tear gas) theres a pool i will lose control of the pools. aparently, if theres a pool on phase change, it will not change visualy, but i will spent a looot of time eating it, which will result on a pool party for my fellow guildies. so im asking to my party to not enter phase 2 with a pool, which is a little trick to do, its only me having problems with it? theres really a issue with phase changing and pools, i just suck at eating skills, theres any other way to me to controls pools after they acumulate 3 ?!

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