Casual or Hardcore?

My 10 man raid blew through ICC this week on Friday, one shotting everything with ease until Rotface and nabbing the [I’m On A Boat] achievement for shits & giggles. We learned the Rotface encounter fairly quickly – just a few wipes before the kill. Rotface was a tough encounter with some interesting mechanics, and everyone was feeling great about taking him down.

After having worked on Rotface, we were a bit tired for Putricide and didn’t get more than a few attempts in. Sunday’s raid was reserved for finishing off Ulduar (more Firefighter work), but we all wanted to hit Putricide again – so, we actually put a third 10 man raid on the calendar.

Including our three 25 man raids, that’s six raids in a week. I only realized this in retrospect.

Probably doesn’t sound like much to the hardcore raider, but thats pretty exhausting for me – who likes to think of myself as casual. It’s not really the hours – I spend that time playing wow anyways – it’s the stressing out, the leaving work early, the skipping dinner that really gets to me. Raiding at 7:30 pm is just really, really tough for me and the first 30 minutes of any raid usually consists of me taking a deep breath (and sometimes, eating dinner while I tank something).

There’s also a disconnect between the raids. I play in a 25 man guild and those raids are more important to the guild – but my 10 man raid is much more serious, much more successful, and honestly much more fun. I feel a great deal of responsibility to my 25 man raids – and hell, those are the harder raids! But my 10 man is more fun, more hardcore, more successful and basically a lot more important to me personally. So, I won’t drop any of them…

I should start being honest with myself. I haven’t been casual for a while… I get frustrated with my inexperience sometimes, and my work schedule makes being fully committed very difficult, but on the whole I am a pretty damn hardcore wow player in how I approach both my personal gameplay and my raiding schedule. I’m no progression raider (on 25…), but I am about as hardcore as I can be with the content I have access to.

So I should probably stop thinking of myself as new or casual… or complaining about my noobness. :)


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