My New Prot Spec

I recently respecced and so far I am satisfied with the changes.

I took a deep breath and threw a point into Seal of Command. I also moved points into Vindication, which is apparently considered a necessary spec choice for Prot Pallies according to Maintankadin. This lost me 3 points in Conviction (because I absolutely refuse to give up Pursuit of Justice), so I was wondering if I would see any differences in my threat generation, but it seemed fine. I even slightly outthreat my MT sometimes when I am not careful… everything seems OK for now.

I think my spec is “right” now. I was feeling a bit strange about not being specced into Vindication, especially since my MT is not too.

As for Seal of Command… this one was just a fun choice for me. I was very curious about whether I could make room for it in my tanking spec, and I finally made the change and grabbed it. I keep reading in many places that SoComm is a very respectable spot for a talent point in any tanking spec. I’m excited to have this new tool at my disposal for trash, heroics, and adds, especially since I am the Add Tank/Offtank.

On a threat note, I picked up a Stormpike’s Cleaver no one wanted out of TOC25 the other day. According to Theck’s threat calculations (which I saw over on my favorite blog, Avenging Wrathy), this probably is the best threat weapon I have access to until my guild starts clearing more stuff. I was quite excited to have a new toy to play with on trash & in heroics!

The only problem with Seal of Command & threat weapon in raids on trash? Forgetting to move back to SoV and my usual tanking weapon when we hit a boss. Oh, I’m pretty sure I’ll forget at some point and feel like a gloriously noobish noob.


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