Apparently Onyxia has no enrage timer

I like to put together 10 man VOA/Ony runs at the beginning of the week. We were rolling with mostly alts for these easymode raids, although I was MTing on Halleigh (my main).

Ony came down much faster than I expected and landed just as some whelps and a big add came out. Everything got a little messy as I was backing her up and positioning her for phase 3. Notes for next time: tell the ranged to hold off at 45% if we’re about to get an add spawn, ensure adds are managed, and then land her. Anyways, while I was positioning her for phase 3 and the adds were being taken care of, people started dying left and right.

Several unlucky fears + cleaves + tail swipes later we were left with three people alive: Druid heals, myself tanking, and one mage DPS (an alt). Ony was at 1.5m health. I sighed and thought, wipe on Ony 10? Seriously? So easymode…

Of course, she has no enrage timer!

Oh, we took her down. I saw my healer’s mana get low, started popping cooldowns, and figured we were done for, but Innervate for the win! 3 manned from 1.5 mill to zero. Everyone on vent was impressed. Reminded me of some Heigan kills I’ve tanked, except on Ony deaths can just be bad luck.

I love pulling a kill out of what looks like a wipe. It’s a great feeling! :)


1 Response to “Apparently Onyxia has no enrage timer”

  1. 1 Mann November 29, 2009 at 6:24 pm

    Heigan needed an enrage timer. Or a wipe mechanic that procced when there were less than 5 people. :|

    I had a General Vezax solo take down that went from a wipe to an epic win. The ranged dps failed at dodging shadow crashes. The healers were oom so the ranged dropped one by one. With no ranged group, the crashes started to happen on our melee and healers. Interrupts went out the window and eventually I was the only one left alive. I popped shield wall and watched my ardent defender proc. He was at 1%! Everything I had, I procced. Even gift of the naaru! As my health hit 0, so did Vezax’s. We both died at the same time. *happy*

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