Wipefest on Faction Champions

(ss of my favorite mount, the OS+3 10 man drake, to cheer myself up)

We’ve been getting through TOC pretty reliably. One-shot the whole place in like 45 minutes last week. I figured we had this place covered.

Last night, ’twas not to be.  Faction Champs whooped us and whooped us good. We gave up after five wipes and called it a night.

Combat logs reveal problem areas were mainly interrupts – we weren’t interrupting enough heals. DPS was lower than usual, so the whole encounter was just taking too long. I know there’s got to be more to it though because they kicked our ass really, really hard.

A particularly frustrating fight for me because I go ret. I still feel very uncomfortable in ret. Used to being up front and in charge, after all… and in control. I just feel so helpless sometimes when we hit a progression fight and I’m in my offspec – at least as tank I have a great deal of control over how the encounter is progressing. I like control.

Well, anyways, it’s really sad when the lack of 2 top DPS suddenly moves our raid from “Clears TOC25 in 45 minutes” to “fails hard at faction champs.”

Edit: Interesting post on Maintankadin about Faction Champs AI: http://maintankadin.failsafedesign.com/forum/index.php?f=36&t=26639&rb_v=viewtopic


1 Response to “Wipefest on Faction Champions”

  1. 1 Mann November 29, 2009 at 6:19 pm

    I had exactly the same thing happen this week. I actually scrolled up to see if we were on the same realm. I thought, “phew, he didn’t call my healing bad.”

    That thread’s opening poster has the best signature I’ve ever read.

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