Wiping, Whining, and Selfishness

Some thoughts on wiping and whining.

My guild’s 25 man raid attempted to hit OS+3 last week and it was a shitshow. Many wipes. Many, many wipes. We can down Anub, but we are no match for bosses like Flame Walls and Void Zones.

There was a ton of bitching and moaning. Why didn’t we do OS+2? (We downed OS+2 without too much trouble a few weeks ago). Well, because even OS+0 wouldn’t have happened with those kinds of mistakes.

One particular raider was really adamant that we should go to Maly. He was personally offended that we “wasted time” in OS+3 when we could have gone to Maly and proceeded to complain about it very vocally after the fact.


I just have no patience at all for this kind of behavior.

  1. No one cared about Maly except him (which became clear later when everyone else got so frustrated at the sheer volume of his whining that we all started joking about it in guild chat).
  2. The officers decide where we go. IT’S NOT YOUR CALL.
  3. Whining about it incessantly after the fact doesn’t do anything except piss everyone off.

It was the way things were phrased. I would have said, “I wish we could go do Maly 25 because I have a quest for it. Oh, no one wants to go? OK.”

Not “Why did we waste all that time in OS+3 when people need Maly?” Whine whine whine.

Maybe it’s because I play a tank. The entire mindset behind my play is what’s best for the raid – taking care of the rest of the raid – doing what needs to be done for the benefit of the group, not for my own numbers on recount or gear score. Tanks can’t be selfish. Tanks can’t have tunnel vision. Just by nature of the role we play in the game, we are always thinking about the big picture.

So the little people who clearly have a worldview centered on themselves and only themselves – who are personally offended and nasty when things don’t go their way, and who assume blindly that everyone else agrees with them without giving a crap about other peoples’ opinions – I just can’t deal with that.

I’m glad I’m not an officer. I wouldn’t put up with it.

What kind of an attitude is that? Why are you raiding with 24 other people if you don’t care about anyone but yourself?

Just frustrated.


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