Progression: Anub 25 down (reliably!!)

Anub 25 goes down again! Reliably, this time.

We’ve killed him twice before but it’s been within seconds of the enrage timer. Too many submerge phases. This time we took him out a full submerge phase early- it was fantastic.

I’m the add tank on Anub. Those Nerubian Burrowers hit freakin’ hard once they have stacked the 225% debuff up, so I wear a block set on this fight. Because the debuff applies only to damage *after* the block, block is real helpful on this fight. My block set ain’t perfect, but it does give me 2600 block and capped avoidance with holy shield up.

I bring the first set to Anub’s ass for killin’, and I take the second set far far away so we have kiting room when the submerge phase begins. My biggest frustration with this fight is that my first set of adds goes down way too slowly. Every single time, the first adds are still dying when the second set spawns. Which means all sorts of bad things. Our DPS is just bad at switching targets, but we didn’t want to sacrifice too much DPS on Anub…

However, tonight the RL must have gotten tired of hearing me complain “Kill my adds! Now! PLEASE! KILL THEM!” because he finally told all the DPS to focus fire my adds until they died. Oh my god, it was glorious. I had a full 3 or 4 seconds before the second set spawned, I could pick them up at my leisure (lol, sort of), and drag them off to the back to tank them until anub submerges.

The whole thing was cleaner. Shocking, the DPS on Anub was actually stronger, and we hit phase 3 a full submerge phase earlier than usual. It was a good clean kill and I’m sure we can do it again next week.

Maybe I can actually say now that we are “full clearing” TOC 25 :)


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