Progression: Thorim 25 (finally) down


Finally. Yep. My guild is clearing TOC 25 yet remained stuck on Thorim in Ulduar until now.

The arena was always such a mess. We tried all sorts of strategies. We tried everything. I promise. There was a lot of frustration for a long time over this fight, and I mean a LOT. This fight just held us up in Ulduar for over two months.

I was one of the tanks in the arena and I gotta say, managing aggro in there is a pain in the ass. Especially when the other tank with me is someone inexperienced in an offspec. Aggro was everywhere. DPS was low, and the adds were going down so slowly that we were overwhelmed by wave 2 or 3. My screen was always covered in health bars.

I know I was frustrated with ranged and ranged was frustrated with me. People were making nasty comments to each other. Everyone thought they were an expert on what to do. It was bad. And we’d been doing this for months.

We spent all thursday wiping on it. Finally for our last try, we just stacked in the center and nuked.

It was perfect. I mean perfect. The waves of adds actually died. I don’t know WHY the dps couldn’t take them down without stacking and nuking, but /shrug. They probably wonder why I couldn’t tank them all without stacking. Whatever. As my MT put it, “We outgear the encounter so we took Raid Awareness out of the equation and just streamrolled it.”

Yep. Well, that’s raiding in a semi-casual guild…


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