T9 upgrade troubles

I don’t know what to do about my T9 upgrades. And I’m sitting on 110 triumph emblems right now so I better decide fast! The first thing I’m going to upgrade is certainly going to be the gloves as my gloves are currently my worst item of the four. The next upgrade however is problematic due to what I am wearing:

Gloves: emblem gloves -> need upgrading!
Chest: 245 Chest of the Towering Monstrosity
Shoulders: 245 badge shoulders
Head: 226 T8.5 head
Legs: 226 T8.5 legs

After I upgrade the gloves, I’m in a bit of a pickle. Either I replace a perfectly good 245 item with a very slight upgrade (chest or shoulders), or I break my T8 set bonus (10% increased damage to Seal of Vengence). I don’t really have threat problems, but that’s a big threat loss. I love the T9 2pc set bonus so much – decreased cooldown on taunt is just so clutch – but I would rather have both bonuses, thank you very much :)

My cotank and I both sort of made the mistake of blowing emblems on offset shoulders. Of course, I wasn’t running near as high content back then. Now however I am clearing 25 man TOC (mostly) every week with my guild, and I have access to those trophies. And the DKP for them now.

Well, I will probably break my T8 bonus first. Or get the set shoulders. Ugh. I still can’t decide.


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