Surprise! A Hard Mode!

We were zooming through Ulduar because we got a late start and wanted to get as far as possible. As the MT pulled, vent was something like this.

“So are we breaking the heart?”


“Ehh, I dunno.”

“Maybe. If it happens, it happens.”

One heroism on the heart phase later…

And that was the extent of the introduction I got to XT’s hard mode. I was sitting there in the back, waiting for my adds to spawn. What? There are no adds from the corners? Why are people sparkling? OK, I get it, gravity bombs to the right and light bombs to the left. But those sparks… some of them are ADDS?!

By the end of the hard mode I had figured out (after watching an add own someone) that wow, sometimes there are sparks, and that means there’s an add I need to grab! And once I figured that out, I was good about taking care of them.

But seriously! Surprise heartbreaker! New offtank! I should have asked on vent WTF was going on, hahaha. Well, only one person died, and I figured out what to do pretty quickly.

I was very pleased to get the achievement of course. :D


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