Progression: Onyxia 25 down!


Ony 25 falls!

This is not a very hard encounter. Phase 1 is tank and spank. Phase 3 is tank and spank (while cursing the fear). As soon as we figured out how to deal with the adds cleanly in phase 2, we got her.

When the whelps spawn from each side, the best way to deal with them by far is to stack on the Ony tank to gather them all up, and AOE them down. I usually let a full Consecrate tick (to build aggro and also to gather up the last ones), and call for AOE when I hit my second consecrate.

Premature AOE is a leading cause of mage death!

The add tank grabs the Warders as they come out and pulls them to the back (we like to keep the whole raid concentrated at the back of the room). Melee kills it. If they are tanked right on the back wall, you don’t even need to worry about Deep Breath. Their Blast Nova is nasty and uninterruptable (I think) so melee have to run out when they do that.

Her fear in phase 3 is annoying, especially because we have no warrior tank. We just deal with a certain amount of bad luck when she turns to chase the feared tank and straighten her out as best we can. We’ve never wiped from it, but there’s always a bit of DPS death in p3.


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