Starter Gear

When I hit 80, my tank expert friend made me a list of gear that I needed to obtain out of heroics. I figured I would repost it here for the benefit of anyone googling for this information… current up to Patch 3.2, where TOC was introduced.

Helm – H ToC 2nd boss
Neck – H ToC Last boss
Shoulders – H ToC second boss
Cloak – Buy it from the AH, Tattered Castle Drape
Chest – H DTK or Wrymrest Rep
Bracers – H OK
Belt – H AN
Pants – H VH
Boots – ToC reg
Ring 1 – H UK
Ring 2 – Crafted.
Trinket 1 – ToC reg
Trinket 2 – Jewelcrafting or Badges
Weapon – H UP
Shield – Crafted, Titansteel Shield Wall
Libram – Badges

Yeah, right now I’m too lazy to look up what all these are and link them. I will soon. Just browse Atlasloot and you’ll see which gear I mean.

You can farm for some of these before you’re 80 if you have nice friends! I’m talking about the regular TOC stuff. And that trinket from Regular TOC, The Black Heart, that is an AMAZING PIECE OF GEAR. Get it immediately. You will use it for a long, long time.

Farming these heroics for items, you will also amass conquest emblems and start upgrading with those. The very first thing I bought was a libram – it was an absolute necessity and I don’t think there’s any other way to get a decent one.

The progression from there depends on your luck with heroic drops – my next upgrade was pants because I had terrible luck in H VH and never got those. The T8 Chest and Helm are wonderful and you will want them as soon as possible, but they’re 58 emblems each… happy grinding.


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