Who Am I?!

Hello readers! I post under the nickname Anafielle, and I play a Protection Paladin on a US EST server. I currently tank 25 man raids three times a week and 10 man content here and there. My offspec is sometimes ret, sometimes holy, but I am first and foremost a tank and rarely do anything else.

My History in Wow

I’ll be honest. I’m a pretty new tank, and you can read about that here. I consider myself still rather inexperienced compared to the vast majority of tanks (and wow players) out there, and I learn new things every day. So if you’re an experienced tank, please comment and tell me if you think I’m doing something wrong! :) As for the new tanks, maybe my experiences will help you learn too! :)

I’m Posting Guides?! What am I Thinking?!

I will be posting some guides. Not because I think I know everything – I sure don’t – but I was in the “new tank OMG!” position pretty recently. I remember doing so much research! I remember all the questions I had. I remember the mistakes I made. I still have a lot of the information my tank mentors sent me. So I figured I would throw it all into the blog so that other new tanks might find my guides and find them helpful! Please comment if you think something is wrong. :)

Why A Blog?

I started this blog because, well, I need something wow-related to do during the day. My day job is in fashion & marketing. I love it, but sometimes I just need to think about video games for a while.

Honestly, a girl can only write about shoes for so long before she starts to think about tonight’s raid. Right? Right?! (Alright, maybe that’s just me.)

Contact Me

I hesitate to put my WOW information up here so I can be as candid as I want. But you can always email me at eisandine at gmail dot com.


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Tankadin Errant is a blog written by Anafielle, a paladin tank on Drenden - US Alliance side. (Armory)

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